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September 1st, 2007

It's been a while, but I've finally managed to refurbish the Website.  As part of the refurbishment I've tried to simplify the interfaces and consolidate a lot of the content into a better hierarchical structure.

Along the way, I've added an entirely new area to the site - the Blog.

Over the years I've written quite a few news articles, column pieces, etc., and most recently I've been contributing to the IBM ISS web site ('Frequency-X').  At first I wasn't particularly enthusiastic with contributing to a blog, but I promised that I'd aim to post something each week, so I did (unfortunately no one else promised to do so, so the content authorship seems to be a little "gunter-centric").

As it turned out, after a while the blog writing became fairly interesting to me, and you can probably find several dozen postings on the IBM ISS site.  There's a bit of a mix of content - some of them short and dealing with current events, and some longer ones explaining current threats.  I guess the blog made it possible to post about topics that could be detailed, but not quite lengthy enough to write up in whitepaper format.

Anyhow, as part of refurbishing the Technical Info site, I figured I'd add this new blog area.  I aim to update it regularly - eventually over taking the postings I make to the IBM ISS blog - so make sure you come back often. 

Sometime this month I intend to make the new blog interface better than this clunky interface and also add an RSS feed.

-Cheers, Gunter

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