Security Blogging and Damballa
Gunter Ollmann, April 11th 2009

When I built this site, I didn't really want to have too many applications that would require me to remain constantly vigilant in applying security patches. As a consequence, the act of getting a new blog up on the site became a real pain in the arse. In order to overcome this, and improve the volume of quality blogs I can write, I've shifted my primary personal and security blogging over to Blogger. You can access all my latest security blogging content at

The blogs I place on this site will be related to major news about the site - such as new whitepapers, conference materials and big updates. So keep those RSS readers armed and pointing to the RSS of this site (as well as Blogger).

There's more news too. I've now left IBM Internet Security Systems and joined Damballa as there VP of Research. Over the last few years I've found myself doing more and more research in to Internet crime techniques and, at Damballa, I'll be apple to apply the research to help combat the botnet threat.

Another thing that I'll be doing is blogging on the Damballa Blog site - focusing on botnet and crimeware analysis/trends. So, don't forget to point your RSS readers there too.

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