The Botnet vs. Malware Relationship
The one-to-one botnet myth
Published: June 2009

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A common misperception of cyber-crime botnets is that a one-to-one relationship exists between a malware bot agent and an individual botnet. Even if this had been a true statement back when botnets first began to appear, it is not true today. The key is the development of commercial build-it-yourself malware kits. These professional-grade tools lower the entry-level requirements for creating a malware bot agent, constructing a Command-and-Control (CnC) structure, and controlling the resultant botnet.

As a result, sophisticated botnets are well within the grasp of any technically-savvy user who knows how to use an Internet search engine and build a Web site. Enterprise organizations must change their focus from identifying malware by name to identifying the criminals behind individual botnets in order to keep up with this evolving threat.

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